Macaron For Hair is a French-inspired, California designed Travel compact hair brush in the shape of a French Macaron cookie. This purse-size hair brush is not only cute and fashionable, but is also multifunctional. Key Features: Two parts Case: Part detangler with Radial bristles at varying lengths and heights to smooth hair, part compact mirror with a full pop on/ pop off cover to protect bristles from being bent and dirtied, and entirely calorie-free, Macaron For Hair adds a chic, thoughtful and truly travel-friendly edge to traditional brushes. Velvety Touch:Macaron for Hair boasts a signature velvety touch to mimic the same texture of a real macaron. Size: L: 2.75” W: 1.56”. Macaron for hair size is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and balance for both left or right handed. Travel & On-the-Go: Great for Traveling, gym, office, beach and office, this must-have tool  fits just about anywhere. Suitable for women and children alike. Works great on straight, normal, wavy and light to medium thickness, long or short hair. Wet or dry. NOT SUITABLE for thick & curly hair. Great for unique and delightful gifting. 

Milk + Sass Macaron

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